Make Your Patience Your Super Power

2 January 2022

Last week, a client of mine was very stressed about not being good enough. Not strong enough, not fit enough, not... ENOUGH!

While talking to her about these feelings, I realized, that, nowadays, most of us, fall into the trap of "super humans" from Social Media. They look better and stronger than us, dance better, they are more flexible... and at the same time they eat healthier while going to work and raising kids...

I've been there too!

And you know what else I realized?

Social media - is a huge test of THE TRUE YOU.

It takes all our attention from who WE ARE, what our abilities and talents are, what we actually want to be and HOW WE WANT TO REACH THERE.

Sitting on a couch and watching successful "super humans" in Instagram will take you... NOWHERE!

What I also realized, is that there are no shortcuts.

If you want to achieve something, you have to stay focused on your goal no matter how tempting are your distractions.

As soon as you really, really understand all these, you will have peace of mind... Inner Peace!

And with Inner Peace you will have PATIENCE to follow the path to THE TRUE YOU.