Pole Fitness

What is Pole fitness?

Pole dance and fitness is an athletic discipline that combines dance routines, acrobatic stunts, and a vertical pole. Pole dance performance requires significant muscular endurance, coordination, and flexibility for the movements and spins. It can be considered both an aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Upper body, core, and lower body strength, along with proper instruction and continuous training and conditioning are essential to the process.

Genres of Pole Fitness

  • Pole fitness: Concentrates mainly on physical strength and technical aspects for each of the movements and stunts with conditioning-focused exercises
  • Artistic pole and acrobatics: Emphasizes dance and expression, and focuses on movement and music, including choreography and acrobatic stunts. Different dance styles might be incorporated in this category according to the performer’s preferences.
  • Exotic pole: Possesses a more sensual approach. The performer usually incorporates high heels to the choreography which stresses movements requiring flexibility, as well as grounded transitional movements, commonly known as floor work.
In Lemon studio we practice artistic Pole.

Benefits of Pole fitness:

  • Pole Works Every Muscle in the Body, Especially the Upper Body. In Pole Fitness all main muscle groups are involved: core, upper and lower body, with emphasis on the upper body strength.
  • Pole is Always Changing & Evolving. And it always challenging your limits. There is no standard boring routine and tight to protocol choreography. In pole, tricks and combinations are unlimited, unique, connected to personality of each dancer. Pole dance - like a new dimension, where instead of walking on surface, you learn to walk and dance vertically.
  • Pole Requires Practice, Lots and Lots of Practice. Every movement, inversion, sequence and flow must be done over and over again before it looks smooth and polished. That effortless look we all strive for and the audience marvels over takes time to cultivate and can always grow. Everyone who has tried Pole, or ever will, has gotten frustrated, stuck, in a rut, or just plain pissed at a particular trick or movement that just doesn't work at the moment. It is the constant repetition of tricks and flows that will build the patience and mind set needed for Pole. You will eventually get that nemesis, and when you do it is always the most exciting moment. 
  • Pole builts Patience and Self Control. No one is immediately good upon walking into Pole class. it takes time to get 'good' at it. Pole teaches people patience, to slow down and realize it's not about how fast you get to the end, but how you got there. Instant results are not real and you must invest quality time into your endeavors to be successful. 
  • Pole is Empowering.  In Lemon we always push for women to feel strong and capable; to develop a mentality that helps them become 'The best version of themselves.' Pole Dancing allows women to work in a safe space, embracing what their bodies are capable of, while experiencing a sisterhood of support like no other.